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Pharmaffectiv® is a diverse group of seasoned professionals representing the medical, pharmaceutical, payor, patient, R&D, and federal/state government sectors.

With a strong focus on addressing the healthcare challenges both in the US & globally; we bring our passion, knowledge, insights, skills & abilities to address these issues with the ultimate goal of extending value to our #1 stakeholder: The Patient.

It’s our belief if we keep this at the center, our collective goals will be realized. This is Pharmaffectiv!

Time to Recognize Cannabis as a Viable Medical Treatment

29 states & DC have legal Medical Marijuana. 9 states & DC have legal Recreational Marijuana. Since 2000, over 300,000 overdose deaths have been attributed to opiods.  Its time to consider cannabis as a viable treatment for patients with qualified medical conditions.

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Pharmaffectiv has a network of medical specialist around the country that can support your efforts with establishing a medical network within your state. 

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Key Opinion Leader Development

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution contains extremely robust freedom of speech protections. Citing this provision, a federal appellate court ruled that the federal government cannot punish — or even investigate — physicians for discussing or recommending the medical use of cannabis with patients. The entire medical cannabis system in the United States is based on this protection.

Thus, in order to avoid subjecting physicians to criminal liability and loss of livelihood, states allow physicians to recommend, rather than prescribe, medical cannabis or, in a few cases, states simply require a physician to affirm that the patient has a condition that qualifies them to possess medical cannabis under that state’s law. Pharmaffectiv will work with its network of physicians at major academic institutions and assist clients with sharing the benefits of medical cannabis to patients that fall under the state approved list of qualified conditions.

Retail Dispensary Education

The cannabis industry currently does not have a universal standard or educational system in place to help professionals utilize cannabis as a tool for healing and enhancing people’s lives. In many case, “patient-facing” personnel (commonly referred to as budtenders) lean on their personal experience with cannabis to educate patients. Cannabis is a complex plant with many medicinal characteristics namely THC, CBDs, and Terpenes. Collectively, these components work together to create what’s known as the “entourage effect” to assist patients suffering from any number of conditions. 

Pharmaffectiv is developing a custom educational program built by professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry geared to provide patient-facing members of your dispensary with the requisite background and expertise to intelligently educate patients on the right cannabis product for their medical condition. 

Field Personnel Managment

In the medical  cannabis industry, it is essential to have trained staff interacting with physicians and other health care professionals to aid in educating this audience on the medicinal properties of cannabis. Our flexible deployment model allows organizations to have “boots on the ground” in strategically important markets while leveraging uniquely designed promotional & social media resources to extend reach & response from your target audience. Contact us to have one of our associates discuss how Pharmaffectiv can help you reach your target audience.

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